John Milton Wiki Biography

john milton wiki biography

John Milton was a famous poet and writer. He was born in London on 9 December 1608.

Family Details:-

His father was a lover of literature and art.

Educational Details:-

John Milton was educated at St. Paul’s School and completed his college education from Christ’s College, Cambridge. He remained in Cambridge for 7 years. He took his B.A in 1629 and his M.A. in 1632.

Some Quick Facts About John Milton:-

• He was a great and famous poet and a great literary artist.

• His father wanted him to enter the church but Milton did not like it.

• From 1637 to 1639 he travelled abroad through France, Switzerland and Italy.

• He was also appointed Latin Secretary to the Government and held this post till the restoration of monarchy.

• He became totally Blind in 1652.

• In 1655, he married again but his second wife died within fifteen months.

• He was arrested on the restoration of monarchy. Two of his works were publicly burnt.

• The rest of his life was passed in obscurity, poverty and loneliness.

“On His Blindness” is the best known sonnet of John Milton. It reflects his grief at his blindness.

• His other poetic works are “Paradise Lost”, “Paradise Regained”, “On His Blindness” etc.

• He was Died in 1674.


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