Percy Bysshe Shelley Wiki Biography

perscy bysshe shelley wiki biography

Percy Bysshe Shelley (P. B. Shelley) was a great English Romantic Poet.

Family Details:-

Strained relations with his father, the dissolution of his first marriage and financial troubles added to his unhappiness.

Educational Details:-

He was expelled from Oxford for preaching Atheism. He was inspired by French Revolution, so he opposed all forms of cruelty and oppression.

Some Quick Facts About Percy Bysshe Shelley:-

• He was a lyrical genius and a powerful poet.

• His fight against social and political wrongs earned for him the hostility of the conservative sections of society.

• He presented his grand vision of a new world ruled by love in his great work Prometheus Unbound.

• He left England in disgust and despair, and settled in Italy.

• His health broke down under the pressure of his cares and anxieties, and while still young in are, he felt old and weak in spirit.

• In 1822, at the age of 29, he was died.


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