Sir Henry Wotton Wiki Biography

sir henry wotton wiki biography

Sir Henry Wotton was a famous scholar, critic and poet. He was born in 1568. He was also a Diplomat.

Educational Details:-

He was educated at Winchester and entered the Middle Temple to qualify for practising at the bar.

Some Quick Facts About Sir Henry Wotton:-

• He was a famous poet of the seventeenth century.

• He was ambassador at The Court Of Venice.

• He was made agent and secretary to The Earl Of Essay.

• His best friends John Donne and Jayaac Walton are famous writers.

• He was also employed more diplomatic missions from 1604 to 1624.

• His famous writings are “On His Mistress”, “You Meaner Beauties Of The Night”, “Character Of A Happy Life”, “The Queen Of Bohemia” etc.

• He was died in 1639.


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