Thomas Carew Wiki Biography

thomas carew wiki biography

Thomas Carew, one of the cavaliar poets. He was born in West Wickham in 1598.

Educational Details:-

He was educated at Corpus Christ, Oxford.

Family Details:-

His Father’s name was Sir Mathew Carew who was a master in Chancery.

Some Quick Facts About Thomas Carew:-

• His poems are highly musical.

• He got favour of King Charles-I and was appointed to an office at his court.

• He was a Nature Lover.

• He was a true disciple of Ben Jonson.

• He was also influenced by Donne. So he wrote a fine elegy on Donne.

• He wrote a number of graceful songs and lyrics “The True Beauty” is one of them.

• His longest and the masterpiece creation, “The Rapture” is a fine love poem.

• He was died in 1639.


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